Any way to stream mp3s with 2003 Media Services that does not use x-ms-wax?


  • Hello,

    We are limited to the use of Windows Server 2003 with Media Services (version 9) to stream audio. We would like our files to be playable on a wide variety of platforms/browsers, but so far we can not get them to play on anything other than computers with Windows. I see that Media Services is serving our MP3s with mime type x-ms-wax. I would like it to serve them with audio/mpeg. That is the mime type I have specified in IIS. Is there a way to overrride Media Services' transformation of these files into MS media objects?

    I know one answer might be to this is upgrade the server to 2008. But because of bureaucratic issues, that can't happen right now. I would like to hear if this problem is solved in 2008.

    Thanks for any ideas!

    2013년 4월 5일 금요일 오후 1:57


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  • There is no way to modify the MIME type that WMS responds with.  Why not serve the MP3s from IIS?  It's not true streaming, but it should work fine.

    2013년 4월 8일 월요일 오후 1:36
  • Ok again here’s a real answer for your problems…

    You can use a Silverlight based web player that will support your needs, if you want i can provide you with a working Silverlight client so you can reach Windows, Mac and Linux.

    As for mobile, since you are using MP3 you can force the player to load as a single Mp3 file, again if you want I can help with that.

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