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  • from a legal standpoint, can the non-profit organization in which I work put windows media player on a pc for use by our clients?  The music will have to be purchased specifically for that we understand, but I was given the task to find out if the media player is completely free for that use or do we need to purchase a license?

    Thank you, imamuse

    2013년 4월 12일 금요일 오전 12:45


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  • We do not offer legal advice on this forum.  I suggest contacting a lawyer.
    2013년 4월 25일 목요일 오후 1:40
  • OK here’s the real answer, Windows Media Player, Web plugins, etc… they are all free to use, aside from the fact that Microsoft since Windows 98 has bundle Windows Media Player. So if you own a Windows license and it includes media features (non-N edition), you and your customer can use Windows Media Player freely.

    Now for music you will have to get a digital broadcast/playback license for each file you play.

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