How to Fix a Corrupted Hyper-V VHD File

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  • Thanks for sharing Vincent

    Nirmal Madhawa Thewarathanthri

    2012년 2월 27일 월요일 오전 7:39
  • Thanks Vincent. This is very useful information.

    Romeo Mlinar
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    2012년 2월 27일 월요일 오전 7:47
  • I also have been using the Oracle VM VirtualBox in order to open unbootable vhd files.

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    2012년 3월 1일 목요일 오후 10:21
  • Thanks for useful information

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    2012년 3월 19일 월요일 오후 1:05
  • Thought I'd share this with the world as I've just had the weekend from hell, I threw everything but the kitchen sink at a corrupted VHD.

    The tool that cam to my rescue was Partition Guru - it's now under the umbrella of Eassos -

    You can download the trial for free to see if it works, then when it dangles your filenames tantalisingly in front of your eyes you then have to go to the site and pay $69 (£48) for the licence key - a small price to pay in this case, and I have a tool for future use.

    It recovered everything, including my sanity.

    2012년 5월 21일 월요일 오전 9:29
  • thanks Mr Derby
    2012년 8월 17일 금요일 오전 2:51
  • Thanks for useful information!
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  • Thanks for the info. I 've used the VHD tool in the past, and found it to be very useful. 



    2012년 11월 19일 월요일 오후 3:38
  • thanks man..

    but hyperV console disk manager has the same features to do this work ..

    Thanks Ajay Singh MCITP Exchange2010, IBM Tivoli, HP DPS, symantec

    2012년 12월 10일 월요일 오후 2:49
  • thanks all of you for good idea.
    2012년 12월 31일 월요일 오전 9:56
  • Corrupted VHD files can be repaired with the help of Kernel for VHD tool, Using this tool one efficiently repair corrupted VHD files corrupted due to various reasons like viruses or interruption during backup process. 
    2013년 1월 3일 목요일 오전 9:44
  • There's a tidbit in that article that made me <facepalm>...  The bit about mounting the vhd to the host to run the chkdsk...  I have wasted so much time mounting vhd's to other vms to extend partitions (pre-2008).  Thanks for the most useful thing I have learned today so far.
    2013년 3월 8일 금요일 오후 6:14
  • Very nice post, I would also recommend to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 and convert your virtual disks from VHD to VHDX. VHDX disks comes with a nice corruption protection just out of the box.
    2013년 4월 17일 수요일 오후 2:06
  • Let me second this one.  Just had a corrupted VHD last week and Kernel for VHD came through.  Very inexpensive as well--$200.
    2013년 6월 6일 목요일 오후 12:05
  • thanks for the article

    Now we need to find a way to prevent virtual disk corruption in the first place.

    Unfortunately it's still happening too often and it's puzzling me why...


    Tech Support for BackupChain


    2013년 10월 5일 토요일 오전 9:31
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  • Use Hyper-V VHD recovery tool to repair corrupt VHD file and rescue data easily. Its features are easy to understand; due to this the VHD recovery becomes simpler. In past before using this tool, I tried many products to repair the corruption errors of my vhd file. But unfortunately they all are failed. Then I searched this application. It really helped me restore formatted VHD file data without any fault or data loss issue. I got this tool over here:
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  • Having this feature in Windows eradicates the need to rely on third-party software to perform virtualization. Apart from the intended use of VHD files to act as a virtual hard disk of virtual machines, they can also be used for storage and backup. The advantage of having this format is the ease with which you can create the backup on a different hard disk (virtual) of the same machine with the option of portability.

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    2014년 5월 15일 목요일 오전 5:46
  • VHD Data Recovery Software which provides advanced and highly effective for quick solution to recover data from corrupt VHD. Download free version to recover lost VHD files click
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  • I had a light bulb moment.

    Read a whole lot of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT forums. My one Hyper-V server crashed last week Tuesday night with a similar one. We got it up but loading/upgrading to Server 2016 and importing all the Hyper-V VMs back into the server.

    I have one VM displaying this error that could not be imported like the others. Been rebooting and trying to get into safemode. Then the lightbulb moment.

    I disconnected the second VHDX from the Hyper-V settings, booted the server, shutdown and added the second drive as an IDE and voila, server back up again.

    Kind Regards Jaco Smit

    2017년 7월 17일 월요일 오후 1:48
  • Without facing any problem and easily , user can repair and recover corrupt virtual file data by user-friendly softtware. With safety and accuracy  to recover data from damaged Virtual PC in more convenient manner. This software to repair corrupt VHD data from both both FAT and NTFS file system of Virtual Hard Disk. See more information at:

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