WSUS Reports - how to install report viewer 2008 on Win Server 2012?


  • Hello

    After installing WSUS on Windows Server 2012, i did sucessful configuration.

    Nevertheless when i try to run oen of teh report it tells me that i need "Microsoft Report Viewer 2008" after downloading i tried to install.

    But installation fails with dependencies on .Net Framework 2.0 , which i can't install  without  Server Roles and features. but .Net framework 4.5 is already added as server role. 

    looks like some chicken & egg ?

    Thanks for help


    2012년 5월 3일 목요일 오후 8:23


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  • 2012년 5월 8일 화요일 오전 8:50
  • Hello Vincent

    Thanks that worked fien with me.

    I documented teh WSUS install also for others under


    2012년 5월 18일 금요일 오전 8:37
  • 1) Install Net.Framework 3.5 (already included  2.0 and 3.0)
    Add-WindowsFeature net-framework-features -IncludeAllSubFeature
    2) install Report Viewer 2008 SP1 from
    2013년 11월 14일 목요일 오후 12:43
  • This is precisely the reason Microsoft gets a bad reputation, here we have a Windows Server OS role that has limited functionality because it's missing a certain MS package. Instead of bundling it all together in the pre-requisites you have to go on a wild goose chase to find out what package needs to be installed. So to get Server 2012 R2 running as a WSUS server you need to install Microsoft Report Viewer from 2008, which then tells you it requires .NET framework 2.0 but you're already on 4.5. This is the definition of a wild goose chase ladies and gentlemen. Luckily I get paid to deal with these types of headaches. Fellow Admins just know I share your frustration here and I'm probably just HANGRY as I'm typing this. 
    2015년 12월 16일 수요일 오후 6:36
  • Oh godie... lol totally get it i share the same frustration with you as a new admin. After what I learn in college you will think that Microsoft would have your work ready to install but man!!!! I need so many work around in my environment that is easy to realize why there is so many tech software companies that claim to be the best one time shop stop fro your IT infrastructure that in the end is just not enough....

    2015년 12월 23일 수요일 오전 12:20
  • I feel your pain to a degree, but have to add this little nugget.

    This is server software designed with admins in mind, admins that kjnow they need to do their homework before installing mainly to ensure they aren't going to break stuff but also because what they're installing hasn't been treated to the kind of niceness you get with consumer level software which is meant for folks that just want it to work and isn't mission critical stuff.

    Just think in terms of the Linux world, yeah I know you can use the repositories and its made out to be super easy but things dont pan out that way.

    MS has to make sure people are being careful as the buck stops with them if they package something up for your server in a 'hey this just works in any config' method, which could then break something else you have running, to do this they would have to envisage every single type of server app configuration and all the dependencies, know if one version sits alongside another or overwrites it, etc etc.

    Point I'm making here is on a server level its in your own best interests to know whats going to happen, know whats being installed, know what risks and attack surfaces you expose by installing and know whether what your installing will interfere with any other app/service you have already running. Seems frustrating and I also get to that point but logic wins in the end, complex things are complex, to dumb it down would do us all out of work :)

    2016년 2월 2일 화요일 오후 10:58