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  • Hello World!

    I am optimizing my DNS server as instructed here, minus Restore Domain Name System server default preferences, as that overrides some of the other settings.

    I have read elsewhere on technet (sorry can't find the link right now) that disabling recursion secures your server from attacks, which unfortunately I have had in the past. The page also stated that it will disable forwarders (which I don't have) and only uses the DNS cache and root hints (which I was already doing). How ever, when I disable recursion I am unable to contact any web pages or resolve names.

    I am asking for general information on Recursion. Will disabling it optimize the server, protect it from attacks, should be done, how is it done properly, and anything else I need to know?

    Any input is appreciated = )

    P.S. Thought I should mention I am unable to ask questions using IE 10, Opera, and Firefox, but Chrome worked = /

    quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012 20:17


  • Moved the post there, thanks.

    Where do I learn about those nifty profile pictures all you savvy guys have? (been meaning to ask forever)

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