Server 2012 New Share Wizard Question


  • I have a lab environment that I setup to study for exam 70-417.  I have a question regarding something I came across in the New Share Wizard within the File and Storage Services role when setting up a new SMB share on Server 2012.

    First, I created a new 25gb volume formatted with ReFS and assigned it letter E:.  When I run the New Share Wizard, I have three options for creating an SMB share.

    1.  SMB Share - Quick
    2.  SMB Share - Advanced
    3.  SMB Share - Applications

    If I select SMB Share - Quick or SMB Share - Applications, I have the option to create the share on the E: volume.  If I select SMB Share - Advanced, I don't even have the E: volume listed as a location to create the share.  Why is the E: volume unavailable when creating a share using the SMB Share - Advanced option?  Screen shots below.

    This image shows the SMB Share - Quick

    This image shows the SMB Share - Advanced

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    terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013 02:37


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