Problem restoring to large disks after Server 2008 r2 backup


  • My server has two 146Gb SAS drives and is constantly running out of space. I bought two 300Gb drives to replace them. I backed up to a Buffalo Nasbox over the network, replaced the disks, configured the drive array to be a RAID1 again and tried to restore. Apart from wasting hours before realising that because the server was in a thin client VLAN and the NASBOX was in the default VLAN so the network path could not be found, I moved the server into the default VLAN and began the restore. When I came back it wanted to repair the installation so I cancelled and restarted the server. Because I have already previously installed windows server 2008 r2 it just booted back up to that copy and all my user profiles and programs were not restored.

    Basically because I restored an image created on smaller disks I assumed that the program would just restore to the larger disk. Should it do that or will it reformat my new disks down to a RAID1 with only 146Gb capacity?

    If it won't let me then I am stuck because the only other option is to put the original disks back in, which will wipe them when I reset the raid array and restore from the backup. Then I will have to spend 350 pounds on a Symantec Backup exec agent just for this job!

    In the meantime my server farm has just one server left!

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  • Hi,

    Windows Backup supports to restore to a larger disk so I think it should just work like you said. And even it will reformat your disk to a 146GB volume, you can still extend to get the 300GB RAID1 back --- but I do not think this will happen.

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