Windows Redirection error


  • Hello!

    my Active Directory is current running Folder redirection on windows 2003 Server by Group policy, so all of users store all of data to home directory as bellow

    - Desktop = \\servername\home\username\Desktop

    - My Document = \\servername\home\username\MyDocument

    and my user profile get the error and my user can't log in to Domain and my last decision I need to Deleted and create the new user for him/her as the old user as userlog1, but i didn't backup the any data that store in  \\servername\home\username\Desktop and \\servername\home\username\MyDocument.

    So now I get the problem as "I don't have permission to access the Desktop and MyDocument" and all of the Folder is Empty both Desktop and MyDocument. 

    How can i get the files and Folders in my Document and Desktop? please give me an advice!!!
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