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  • I'm pretty new to Windows Server 2008 but I have a problem that's fustrating so I hope someone can help.

    I have Windows Server 2008 box that when I reboot or shutdown/restart, I can't get to it unless I physcially go to the console and log in to it.  I can't ping it,  I can't RDP I can't use our remote access software LogMeIn.  Until I phsically login at the console the network connection isn't on.  Then, when I do login i see the little red x at the network connection icon for a minute or so, then it connects to the network.  None of our other servers do this.  What setting do I need to change or check to correct it so when it's rebooted that i can see it before we actually have to log in to the box.


    23 aprilie 2012 12:36


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  • This is common if you are EAP authentication for network connections. Can you check if you are running any 802.1x protection on the network

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    23 aprilie 2012 12:53
  • No we aren't.  Thanks.
    24 aprilie 2012 20:19
  • Hi,

    Do you have more than one NIC on this server? Please try to update the NIC firmware to the latest version. And boot the server to safe mode with network connection, to see if the issue still persists. If no luck, please try to reset TCP/IP.

    How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)


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    25 aprilie 2012 02:23
  • Aiden is correct.

    how old is your server ? Sometimes, old firmwares are responsible for the issues like this.

    Also, Which AV client is installed on the server in question ? You might want to set AV service Startup type to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' instead of 'Automatic' (which is by default) and see if that makes any difference in the situation.


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  • Are you using any Wireless NIC ? if yes try to set its software to load  first for logon and then boot the server to safe mode with network connection enabling and check weather the firewall or antivirus is creating the delays.

    25 aprilie 2012 07:58
  • Unfortunately I cannot provide a good answer, but I do want to add that I have ran into this issue many, many times and it is quite annoying especially on a server OS. Have had this happen with 2003 and 2008 with identical symptoms. That being upon a reboot there is zero network connectivity until a login is made at the console.

    What I have found a commonly mentioned 'workaround' is check for services (usually third party) that ask for a user login rather than local/system/network accounts and preferabbly disable them or change them in some way so they do not interfere.

    What would be nice though is if Microsoft could acknowledge this particular issue and fix it proper. Not to be difficult or anything, but it does seem quite an oversight for a server operating system to have such an easy to hit Achilles Heel when in a lot of cases you cannot get direct console access to the machine.

    30 aprilie 2012 11:55
  • Had this same problem recently with a server.   Found the problem to be with the new way windows 2008R2 uses three different firewall profiles.  Domain,  Private - Work, and Public.    What was happening on a server on the domain is that at startup it would all seem normal as you watched the display.  If you were pinging to the server with a -t option for continuous ping you would see that it stops pinging on startup from the workstation and then starts pinging again.  Once you get to the log on screen it would no longer ping from the workstation.  Once logged on you could again ping the server.   The server had a network interface card from the motherboard (a dell r610) with four each broadcom nics on it.  Even if only one nic was enabled and the other three nics were disabled you would still see the same problem.   I looked at the firewall options and found that with the domain profile it was set to allow incoming only with exception list.   On the private - work profile however it had the block checked do not allow incoming even with exceptions.    What was happening is that as the server started up it used the online nic to set policies.  At the very end just as the log on screen came up the firewall would finish reading its policies from gpo and set the server accordingly.     The problem with 2008r2 is that if you have more than one nic the firewall on some systems can not determine what is the primary profile to use and as a result it reverts back to private - work which of course results in no pinging and no remote access and no shares.  But because it is restricted to incoming blocking only than you are capable of authenticating to the domain controller on log in.   Once logged in the firewall recognizes the domain as primary and resets the firewall back to the primary profile for the nic which has the exceptions not blocked and pinging and remote access and sharing are restored even if the client logs off.    If the nic goes to sleep the problem could return so make sure the power settings on the nic does not allow the computer to put the nic to sleep.   To fix just disable the firewall if it is not a printer server as a print server requires firewall to be on to add printer drivers and printers.   If you want to keep the firewall enabled simply allow exceptions with the private work profile as with the domain profile and problem should go away.

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