Hyper-V server cannot add a .vhd drive


  • Using Hyper-V Manager on Server 2008 with Hyper-V role.  Can create a .vhd disk on this local server. 

    Have a second server with Hyper-V 2008 Server. Using Hyper-V Manger on the first server remotely managing the second server, I cannot create a .vhd disk on the second server.  Can create a new virtual machine, but cannot get new .vhd or existing .vhd to work.

    Have studied the Microsoft forums, Internet threads, etc from 2008 to current.  Tried most of what was suggested, but no luck.

    Tried Hyper-V Server "8" on the second server with the same results.

    Both servers are Dell Poweredge 1950 with updated Network drivers, etc.

    22 martie 2012 16:57


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