Preferred owner behavior after reboot?


  • Would like clarification on what occurs when you reboot a cluster node that is the "preferred owner".  If I move services to node 2, but node 1 is the preferred owner and I then reboot node 1, is it expected that when node 1 comes back up, he will take over control of services/apps?  or will they remain on node 2 even though he is not preferred? Thanks! 

    13 iunie 2012 16:21


Toate mesajele

  • Hi,

    Following blog has a good explanation about preferred owners.

    Preferred Owners in a Cluster


    14 iunie 2012 02:05
  • Vincent, I am confused.  I don't see the answer to the question in the link that you provided. 

    I get the sense to the original question is "Yes!"

    A two node cluster with Node 1 identified as a "preferred owner", and Node 2 NOT a preferred owner.

    If you manually fail over to Node 2, reboot Node 1.  Upon Node 1 coming back up it will take control of the cluster.  This has been my experience.

    I suppot PASS -

    24 februarie 2015 21:06
  • I think you also have to specify autofailback if you want the preferred node to retake ownership.  If you do not have autofailback, then it will remain on the node on which it is running until something prompts it to move.  At that time it will be move back to the preferred node.

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    24 februarie 2015 22:00