How to manage ADAM, AzMan stores in a windows 2008 R2 hyper-v clustered platform?


  • Hi,

    We´ve been reviewed a lot of hyper-v papers, blogs; etc. in order to set permissions and administration roles in our hyper-v platform but, with no success, and we are finally believing that all the procedures we had performed has been oriented to a non clustered model.

    Our platform is integrated by 2 windows server 2008 R2 core clustered, with hyper-v role installed, in production, we administer the platform remotely from another windows server 2008 r2, using SVCMM, all the servers are in a AD domain.

    We tried to set permissions, roles, etc, using "Azman.msc" engine with no success, is there something different when is oriented to a clustered model...?

    We appreciatte your attention and help you could help us
    15 มิถุนายน 2555 13:48