Finding VM name from within guest OS



  • Not at this time. When we add that functionality, it will first appear in the 3.x release and not the 2.x release due to lack of support for Unicode that is required for KVP to work.
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    19 มกราคม 2555 5:29
  • But will 3.x releases be compatible with RedHat 5 in the future?  Our VMs are used for testing purposes across different platforms, and this is one of the areas we need to cover.

    Also, is there is alternative way to send any kind of information to the Linux guest OS?  This whole thing has been so we can assign static IPs to each of the machines through a startup script.  The users are using the SCVMM Self Service Portals to manage these machines, and the remote console hasn't been reliable to all users.

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    21 มกราคม 2555 6:17
  • Even without much insight of the kernel code I'd say that this is very unlikely to happen if don't want to dive into yourself - given Mike's hint about missing unicode support.

    RHEL5 was originally based on Kernel 2.6.18 (Sept. 2006), while RHEL6 started with a 2.6.32 (Dec. 2009)  - much has changed in between. RHEL5 will reach its normal support lifecycle in 2014, which isn't that far away from now amyway.

    Possibly consider DHCP reservation or a kind of conf. management tool inside your VMs?

    23 มกราคม 2555 22:12
  • We've considered DHCP, but that makes it difficult for our lab team to manage the VMs.  Having the VM name match the DNS hostname became incredibly convenient if the machine needs to be serviced in any way (for security patches or recovery services).  Otherwise, there's no proper link between the IP address assigned to the machine and the name of the machine as it appears in the virtual manager.

    I have a script inside the VM that's suppose to help make the static IP assignment.  The problem is that if the VM is not aware of its VMname, I cannot assign the proper IP address automatically.  This means the user has to remote console into the VM to run the tool, but the remote console feature simply does not work.  The Remote Console from the VMM self service portal cannot resolve the cluster node IPs, and I haven't found a proper solution for that either (other than modify the host file for every single machine that wishes to use the feature).

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