RemoteFX error "This server cannot run as a RemoteFX host" : VM doesn't start


  • Hello,

    I can't find any answer to my question so I post it there.I'm trying to make RemoteFX work but I have some issues

    Server Configuration :
    -Windows Server 2008 R2 Entreprise with SP1
    -Processor Intel i5-650 3.20 GHz
    -Memory : 4 Gb
    -GPU : nVidia Quadro 600 with latest driver (270.61)
    -Processor is SLAT enable

    When I try to start a VM with the RemoteFX Video Adapter, I get an error and the VM fails to start.

    In the log (Microsoft-Windows-RemoteDesktopServices-RemoteFX-SessionManager) I get this :

    Log Name:      RemoteDesktopServices-RemoteFX-SessionManager-Admin
    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-RemoteDesktopServices-RemoteFX-SessionManager
    Date:          09/05/2011 10:19:51
    Event ID:      8
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Critical
    User:          SYSTEM
    Computer:      ##########
    The RemoteFX Session Manager service could not start the RemoteFX Manager process to enable RemoteFX. This server cannot run as a RemoteFX host. Status Code: 19.

    I don't know if this error come from my GPU but I tried with a GeForce GTX 570 and i get the same error.
    I removed the host server from the domain but I still get this error.

    There seems to be issues when trying to start VM for some other people but I cant' find anything with the same Event ID.

    Any replies or suggestion will be very helpful.


    2011年5月9日 9:13


  • Hi!

    I found this site here, who in lack of an official list of supported GPU's conducted their own survey:

    I also found Nvidias blog on the subject:

    Where they first mention support for "virtualizing your workstations" on the specifications page to the Nvidia Quadro FX 3800.

    Please note that I am not a Microsoft or Nvidia representative, but there may be reason to believe that you would need at least a Quadro FX 3800 graphics card for running RemoteFX.


    2011年5月9日 13:34
  • I know the GPU is not officially supported but in fact it appears that RemoteFX can work on many others GPU :

    But I can't find anything about RemoteFX that works with a Quadro 600 so I can be the issue.

    In most case , when a GPU is not supported, the error looks more like that :

    Event ID: 3
    Level: Critical
    Description: The GPU or system resources are insufficient for this server to run as a RemoteFX host.  Verify this server's hardware against the requirements.  Status Code: 10.

    Source :

    So I hope that maybe there is an other problem

    Unfortunately, officially supported GPU are too expensive for test.

    2011年5月9日 13:53
  • If I haven't completely misinterpreted this information, then apparently the Nvidia graphics card must have the "NVIDIA SLI Multi-OS" technology:

    Assuming we can state that: "workstation virtualization" = RemoteFX, the Quadro 600 does not appear to feature this technology:

    But like you said, since the error code is different, there might be another cause to this:

    The RemoteFX Session Manager service could not start the RemoteFX Manager process to enable RemoteFX.

    I would interpret this to be an internal error with RemoteFX itself.

    2011年5月9日 14:07
  • Thanks for your replies.

    I found this Blog in which they are trying several GPU :

    It's seems that it work with GPU that haven't the "NVIDIA SLI Multi-OS" technology. (For example, it works with GTX 465)

    I was thinking first that it comes from the GPU but I tried with a GTX 570 (which is approximatively the same as the GTX 465 for example) and I get the same error.

    I will search on the web again.

    2011年5月9日 14:32
  • There is a detailed requirements list to support RemoteFX.  The video card is only one piece of the puzzle.

    The big two are GPU and that your hypervisor processor supports SLAT.


    Brian Ehlert (hopefully you have found this useful)
    2011年5月9日 15:09
  • My processor supports SLAT. (i5 - 650)

    I can't find anything for my GPU.

    I was thinking that it can maybe come from a software issue more than a hardware. Maybe that something is not well configured.

    The error is not really clear.

    I will continue my research

    2011年5月10日 7:40
  • Maybe you already read this, but here is an excerpt from the Service Pack 1 deployment guide found here:

    Before you start working with RemoteFX, take note of the following considerations:

    ·    You should install drivers for the video card on the virtualization server before you enable the Remote Desktop Services and Hyper-V roles. Otherwise, the RemoteFX 3D Video Adapter will not be available in Hyper-V Manager.

    ·    Disable any graphics processing units that use a Windows XP Display Driver model (XDDM) driver.

    ·    If you manage a KVM switch over IP with an onboard management adapter, install the RemoteFX Cap driver once you have enabled the RemoteFX role. The RemoteFX Cap driver supports KVM access over IP prior to the point where the Windows operating system loads (so that you can access the BIOS). Once the operating system has loaded, you can access the RemoteFX server using the Remote Desktop Protocol or a non-Microsoft solution for KVM management over IP. For more information about the RemoteFX Cap driver, see “Deploying Microsoft RemoteFX on a Single Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Server Step-by-Step Guide.”

    ·    If you do not manage KVM switches over IP with an onboard management adapter, be sure to disable any such adapters in the BIOS.

    ·    Be sure to install this service pack on the Windows 7 guest operating system before you enable a virtual machine with a 3D adapter. After installing Windows 7, enable Remote Desktop Services and verify that you can remotely connect to the virtual machine. Then shut down the virtual machine and add a new video card to the virtual machine by selecting Add Hardware in the Settings menu of Hyper-V Manager and pointing to 3D Video Card. Boot the virtual machine and connect to the virtual machine normally. For the full 3D desktop experience, start Mstsc.exe and confirm that the Experience setting on the Options menu is set to LAN (10Mbps or higher).

    ·    When you are using the virtual 3D video adapter, you will not be able to use the Virtual Machine Connection. Use Remote Desktop instead. If you need to use Virtual Machine Connection, you must remove the virtual 3D video card from the virtual machine.

    Perhaps there is a step of interest here?

    2011年5月10日 9:29
  • Hello Thibaut,

    I was curious if you ever came to a resolution on this issue.  I've been fighting the same problem for a week now, and receive the same event error as you: "The RemoteFX Session Manager service could not start the RemoteFX Manager process to enable RemoteFX. This server cannot run as a RemoteFX host. Status Code: 19."

    - Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

    - Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 (SLAT Enabled)

    - Memory: 16GB DDR3

    - GPU: AMD Radeon HD 3870 (using Catalyst 10.2 driver).  This video card/driver combination was found to be working by another user here.

    I've verified some of the usual suspects, mentioned by this article.

    2012年6月8日 13:04