How to stream RTSP live stream with Windows Media Services RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have installed Windows Media Services on my Windows Server 2008

    I want to stream rtsp live video stream from my IP Camera. 

    Can you please help that how can I achieve it by using Windows Media Services???

    2011年11月25日 10:39



  • Hi,

    You would first need to install WMS (Windows Media Services) on your Server 08

    Once installed you would need to pass the video stream from your cam to Windows Media Encoder either via capture card or screen capture. I am unsure of the levels of support with RTSP and WMENC (Media Encoder)




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    2011年12月5日 3:07
  • Dear Martin,


    I have already Installed the WMS (Windows Media Services) on my Server 2008.


    and I have IP cameras, it is not directly connected with the server. but it provide rtsp stream.


    but it seems like WMS didn't provide such functionality. and Microsoft people should work on it.


    Well I'm happy at least some one has reply on this forum... :-p

    Regards, USMAN CHOHAN
    2011年12月5日 11:26
  • IP cameras typically do not provide the type of stream that WMS needs.  WMS needs a stream that contains video in the ASF container and streamed over MS-WMSP (Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol Specification).
    2011年12月6日 17:47
  • hmmm..

    Ok fine... but did microsoft provide such encoder or something which will convert the ip camera video stream to WMS supported Format..???

    Regards, USMAN CHOHAN
    2011年12月6日 18:45
  • IP-based camera input to Expression Encoder is one of the top requests for the Encoder. You can add your vote for this feature here: http://expressionencoder.uservoice.com/forums/58981-general/suggestions/1031259-support-for-ip-based-camera-for-live-broadcasting?ref=title.
    2011年12月8日 19:41