Report Builder not able to navigate sharepoint subsites?


  • Hi,

    I'm using report builder to create some report in Sharepoint integrated mode.

    RB works fine, Sharepoint too.

    but if I try to navigate in the sharepoint from RB to save my report for example.

    I'm not able to see anything else the root site.

    I can navigate in the root site, I can save my report in a document library here, but not able to go into a subsite...

    but If I type the name of the subsite/document library/document name.rdl in the save as dialog box, I'm able to save the document!

    So navigating doesn't works, but direct access to the subsite/library/document works!!!

    any idea?


    2012年6月7日 17:20


  • Hi,

    You can use "Publish Report Parts" in report builder to  publish your report to SharePoint.

    If you are not connected to a report server, you will be prompted to connect, in the Report Server dropdown, type your subsite URL. After this, when you "Publish Report Parts", it will let you choose the document library under the susite.

    You can refer to:

    Xue-mei Chang

    TechNet Community Support

    2012年6月11日 3:33
  • my problem is that I can't open a subsite from the RB interface.

    the dialog box return an access denied error.

    here the scenario I suffer:

    I open RB (from sharepoint or directly from my computer)

    I create a new report

    I want to select my data source stored in sharepoint under a subsite (http://server/subsite/DS/mysource.rds)

    So I open the site http://server works

    Now I double click "subsite" to navigate into the subsite, error, access denied

    but if I type the full URL of the data source name, I'm able to get it to my report.

    and its the same scenario for everythin I do from RB, all the dialog boxes (open & save one) suffer the issue.

    the only point I can see: the root web site is accessible to anonymous users, while the sub sites are restricted.

    2012年6月11日 10:16
  • Hi,

    I think the issue is caused by the root web site  allow anonymous access, when you select subsite from the parent site, it should let you type the credentials, but it did not, so you will get the access denied.

    Xue-mei Chang

    TechNet Community Support

    2012年6月14日 8:47
  • but when I take a look at the IIS logs, apparently the user is authenticated.

    do I have to disable the anonymous access to some IIS folders? I allready do this for the layout/reportserver one.

    or is there some exceptions in the web.config file to specific location?

    2012年6月15日 10:10
  • Even i face the same problem. Every time i need to maintain the source SharePoint list in the root site which is not possible always. Any alternative to create a datasource connection to the subsite directly?
    2015年7月23日 3:43