KB4284826 leads to immediate Windows restart after network connection


  • Dear all,

    after installing the Windows security update KB4284826 my PC immediately restarts after the start of Windows 7.

    I recognised that the restart is performed when the network connection to the LAN is established so I tried to start Windows without the network cable plugged in. When doing so the restart is not performed directy after windows starts but rather 30 seconds later. In that time period I can cause a restart by plugging in the network cable. I already tried to update the driver for the network controller (Realtek PCIe GbE Familiy Controller) with no success.

    When I remove the above mentioned Windows update everythink works perfectly fine.

    I would really appreciate any help in solving this problem.

    Best regards


    --- some specs ---
    Windows 7 32-bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
    Realtek RTL8111DL

    2018年6月17日 13:56


  • Hi,

    When it restart, are there any message showing like "configure updates", just make sure the kb is installed completely. Otherwise, it will reboot to get it applied.

    It is suggested that you go to device manager and rediscover the NIC and install drivers, select Scan for Hardware changes from the Action Menu.

    In addition, you can type the command to reset NIC

    netsh winsock reset 

    netsh int ip reset

    Netcfg -d

    However, since you tried to restart without network, still getting reboot. I am wandering if it is not related to network. You can try to boot into Safe Mode, seeing what happens. Not sure if it is related to 3 party software, it is suggested that you can uninstall 3 party antivirus software.

    In addition, in event viewer-windows logs-system/application, are there any errors related to it.


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    2018年6月18日 8:50
  • I've seen this behavior as well with 32-Bit versions of Win7: As soon as any version of the Spectre/Meltdown patch is installed, the system reboots as soon as the network connects.

    Doesn't matter what CPU nor what NIC: I've taken the SSD from a Core2 notebook, put it into a Haswell desktop, resets as soon as there is a network connection. Actually, since there was no matching NIC driver for the desktop on the Win7 SSD, it booted fine until I put a USB Wifi NIC in, that it recognized: Immediate reboot then, when the network came up.

    On the notebook it resets as soon as I either connect the cable or as soon as I enable the Wifi NIC via the external switch.

    I remove KB4284826 (or predecessors like KB4103718) it's ok again.

    No issues with Win10/64bit on the very same hardware in both cases, it's the combination of Win7 and 32-Bit that seems fatal.

    In all cases booting in safe mode, even with network connectivity avoids the reboot.

    2018年6月27日 17:12
  • Hi,

    I also seem to be running up against this issue (on WES7 32bit). A couple more details though. The computer will sit there happily at the login screen while with the NIC connected to the network for a long time. It appears to be once the user actually logs in then the computer reboots (about 5-10 seconds after the users desktop comes up). The user can login and use the PC if the ethernet cable is not connected. Once connected it asks about network type (home/public/work) and once a choice is made the computer reboots about 2 seconds later. No blue screen is shown.

    I've tried the reinstalling of the drivers as suggested and the only thing that worked was removing the security updates. The current one for Jan 2019 (KB4480960) still exhibits this issue. The previously installed one on this PC for Feb 2018 (KB4074587) seems fine.

    It seems to affect all the Intel wired NIC's in my PC (i have a i210, i218-lm and a 82574L), but did not seem to affect a dlink AE2500 USB wifi stick. Intel driver version is 23.5.1.


    2019年1月10日 16:25