exchange2010 设置禁止对外发送邮件无效 RRS feed

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  • 公司一台Exchange2010 邮件服务器。环境是邮箱服务、集线器服务器、客户端访问服务与域服务集一台服务器上。在传输规则中将一通信组设置了禁止对外发送邮件,设置完成后,在该通信组中的成员还是能对外发送邮件,不知道是什么原因让这条传输规则不生效或者是其它什么原因,求解答。。。。。



    2015年9月16日 15:16


  • 你的组类型选择是什么?


    The first step in this method is to create a distribution group. The members of this group will be the users who are restricted from sending external emails. It does not need to be a security group, but it does need to be universal in scope.

    Next, create a new Transport Rule with the following configuration.


    • From a member of a distribution list (and choose the distribution group you created above)
    • Sent to users that are inside or outside of the organization, or partners (and choose “Outside”)


    • Send rejection message to sender with enhanced status code (I set the status code to 5.7.1 and configure a message such as “You are not authorized to send email to recipients outside of this organization”)

    Exceptions: (optional)

    • Except when a recipient’s address matches text patterns (and add any domain names or email addresses they should still be allowed to send to)

    After the new rule has taken effect the members of that distribution group will not be able to send to external recipients, whether they use the To, CC, or BCC fields to do so, and will still be able to send to those domains or email addresses you configure as an exception to the rule (even if the message includes other recipients that will get blocked, the permitted ones will still receive the email).

    2015年9月16日 20:32
  • 你好,


    Get-TransportRule  "RuleName" |fl



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  • 感谢你的回复。


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