Excel chart: Show empty cells as Gaps, I wanna GAP! RRS feed

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  • I am working on creating excel template which contains line charts on the template.

    I just created a chart and then added several lines to this chart, and then select proper data area for each line.
    I got a problem when I was trying to deal with empty cell in data area.

    I'd like to ingore these empty cells when drawing the corresponding line, that is, I want it will no longer be a continous line, it should be broken into shoter line chucks.
    I know we can do it by setting Show empty cells as Gaps when we do Hidden and Empty Cells configuration. It works for those BLANK cells but not for those contains formula(e.g. =IF(logical_test, "RegularDisplay", "")).
    I noticed that if a cell never been edited or its content has been removed, function =ISBLANK(Cell_Ref) will return true. Other value, including "", will return false.
    And i also have made tests on all available ASC assambly(we can get them all via =CHAR(index), index can be 0~255), they all return false in ISBLANK test.

    Hope I have made it clearSmile
    2010年9月10日 4:56