请问安卓手机如何访问MOSS 2010 (MOSS 2010互联网实施已完成)? RRS feed

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  • 请问安卓手机如何访问MOSS 2010  (MOSS 2010互联网实施已完成)?


    2013年5月28日 3:17


  • Hi Kevin6666,

    请问你的安卓手机使用的浏览器是什么? 我建议你使用Firefox 浏览器。请参考一篇英文的解决方案。

    Most Android Phone’s default browsers block the SharePoint 2010 Authentication popup window. This makes it impossible to login and edit your site on the go. If you have a SharePoint site and plugin your URL into the Android browser you will likely get a 401 Unauthorized error. Unfortunately, the default browser squashes the login prompt popup preventing anyone from logging into their SharePoint site. I recently spent a few minutes setting up my own HTC Droid Incredible to access our SharePoint 2010 Foundation site.

    The first step is to simply grab the Firefox Browser from the Android Marketplace! Firefox is one of the browser officially supported by Microsoft for SharePoint 2010 and will allow you to login to your SharePoint Hoster site and login. Firefox supports SharePoint’s login popup and allows you to login to your site! By using the Firefox Android app as your browser, you can visit your SharePoint Hoster URL and login and edit your site.



    Jack Gao
    TechNet Community Support

    2013年5月30日 3:21