IP Pools... how do they work?


  • I was working on a PoC for integrating our existing MDT builds with VMM Templates.  The concept is to have a VMM Template which boots a LiteTouch ISO image that runs a particular OSD Task Sequence. In MDT, the LiteTouch ISO boots into WinPE.

    In this scenario, IP pool addresses aren't allocated to the VM, even though a template is used.

    So what is the mechanism for injecting these addresses into the VM? Obviously it's not working for WinPE.

    2018年5月19日 6:03


  • Hi,

    The IP Pool in SCVMM can be selected at the VM creation only if you use a VM template. If you don’t use VM templates you have to set manually the IP configuration inside the Guest OS.

    When creating a VM template you will have to set the virtual network card to static IP (from an IP pool).

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    2018年5月19日 11:38
  • I was actually looking for more information on how this process works.  I am aware that VM Templates must be used for IP Pools to work (as the documentation says), but it appears that it's more than that.  You can, after all, create a VM Template that does not include an OS.

    I'm not certain, but it looks like the VM Template must include an OS which is either sysprepped, or has guest support enabled for the VMM system to push the IP configuration.  In the first case, it looks like it happens via unattend.xml, whereas in the second case the VMM guest integrations are used (probably for Linux).

    I was hoping for confirmation (or otherwise) of this supposition.

    2018年5月21日 5:27
  • Hello Tony,

    You can refer to the following description for the IP Pools, which is captured from this blog article.

    The Windows OS must be installed in the VM, so that VMM can allocate static IP address to it.

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    2018年5月25日 8:19
  • Hello,

    It's not entirely true that you can only assign static IP address if deploying a VM from a VM Template. You can switch from Dynamic IP to Static IP Pool with PowerShell. 

    Charbel Nemnom wrote a script

    If you would like to use GUI, then VM templates with syspreped Windows OS needs to be used. I think it should also work with supported Linux distributions, but I might be wrong. 

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    2018年5月25日 10:56
  • Thanks for the information, though it still doesn't explain the mechanism by which the IP is set.  I'm assuming this mechanism is via some VM/HOST integration, which doesn't appear to work for WINPE.
    2018年5月29日 6:54