W3SVC service is stopped frequently on Win 2016 RRS feed

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  • Dear, 

    I've encountered one problem that Windows 2016 W3SVC service always stops frequently even though I set Startup Type as Automatic mode.

    I configured IIS service and the IIS ran well. However my portal is not accessed after 1 day. I found that W3SVC service is disabled. I manually start it then IIS works well. But the problem happens on next day.


    I check the event viewer and below Warning and Error messages are in the list.

    Could somebody help me out? Thanks in advance.

    PS: Versions info of Windows and IIS are below.

    2020年9月17日 6:54


  • HI:
    1 .can you enable below event log then wait your W3SVC service stop then check if there are more event log about your issue ?
    event viewer\windows logs\
    Event Viewer – Applications and Services Logs -Microsoft-Windows 
    administrative enable
    operational     enable
    Event Viewer – Applications and Services Logs -Microsoft-Windows 
    logs                enable

    we can refer below document to enable other logs so that they will help us to find the issue .
    Troubleshooting IIS Performance Issues or Application Errors using LogParser often did your issue happen ?
    (can you check event id 7036 about stopping W3SVC service in the system event log on your web server ? like picture )

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    Best Regards
    Andy YOU
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    2020年9月18日 11:29
  • Hi  Andy


    1.Event Viewer -> Windows Logs ->System 下有一些Error日志,关于DistributedCOM 的,Event ID 10016,不过这个已经给我修复了。我以为把这些错误修复了,W3SVC服务器就正常了,可是错误依然发生,频率大概是每天一次。 




    2020年9月25日 2:08
  • 您好:
    9/25/2020 4:04:53AM这个W3SVC服务的停止时间和DistributedCOM错误日志10010的时间不太对应啊。
    event id 10010不一定是您问题的原因,所以解决那个问题不一定会有帮助。

    我们需要找9/25/2020 4:04:53AM event id 7036,这个时间点前半小时内的相关事件。查看的日志上面回复已经发您了。
    关于Event ID 10010 — COM General Functionality描述

    sfc scannow
    dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth  
    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth


    Best Regards
    Andy YOU
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    2020年9月28日 3:30
  • Hi  Andy,






    2020年9月29日 4:40
  • 925日日志信息如下:

    2020年9月29日 5:24
  • 924日日志信息如下:


    2020年9月29日 5:26
  • 2. 命令运行结果如下:

      1)、sfc /scannow

    Verification 100% complete.

    Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

      2)、dism /online /cleanup-image/scanhealth

    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
    Version: 10.0.14393.3750
    Image Version: 10.0.14393.3241

    Error: 87
    The cleanup-image/scanhealth option is unknown.
    For more information, refer to the help by running DISM.exe /?.

    The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log

    3)、dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth 


    3、W3SVC服务依赖于的两个其他服务,DCOM和RPC 服务,均运行正常。

    2020年9月29日 5:30