Windows Activation Issues - 0xd000009a - Windows 2008 R2 RRS feed

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  • Winodws 2008 R2, using Windows Volume Licensing, and a KMS license activation server.

    At times, when I log in to the server, it reports that it is not a genuine copy.  I then go through the steps to make it genuine, and it then gives me the following error:

    "A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error Code 0xD000009a.  for a possible resolution click More Information.  Contact your sytem administrator for assistance."

    When I click on More Information I get "the following information was found for this error: Code 0xd000009a  Description Unable to find a detailed error description.  Unknown facility code of 0x1000 (4096L) facility error: 0x9a (154L)

    If I restart, the server becomes genuine again, and then some time later, if I need to login (varying lengths of time), I get the not genuine issue again.

    If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.  I don't find anything in the error logs to coincide with the issue


    2011年3月25日 0:21