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  • 希望像office2000一样经典,直到现在都还喜欢使用office2000,稳定性、易用性和使用习惯都非常喜欢office2000.在office2003、office2007中WROD粘贴其他文档中内容容易导致前面的排版全白费,而在office2000中就没有这个情况。诸如此类,如果office2010还是不能解决的情况,那我还是选择继续使用office2000。

    Hope that the same as the office2000 classic, until now still prefer to use office2000, stability, ease of use and habits are very fond of using the office2000. In office2003, office2007 in WROD paste the contents of other documents easily lead to the previous layout all been wasted, while in office2000 was not found in this situation. And so on, if office2010 still fails to solve the case, then I choose to continue to use office2000.

    2010年3月26日 12:32