Office2007 不能另存为,Can't be saved as RRS feed

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  • office 2007无论是word excel新建文件点击保存或另存为都无响应,只能结束进程。尝试过重新安装程序也无法解决。求高手解答

    To create a new file by office 2007, it can not be save or save as ,the process will be no respond. try to reinstall this application, the same issue! hope somebody can fix this issue~Urgent,Thanks

    2013年10月24日 9:07


  • Hi

    您可以尝试在office safe mode中进行操作:按住Ctrl键 双击进入程序

    如果在safe mode中可以保存和另存为,参照以下步骤解决这个问题:

     1) Start Word as an administrator(用管理员身份运行Word)
    • click Start(点击开始)
    • type Winword (DO NOT PRESS ENTER)(输入Winword 不要按Enter键)
    • right-click on WINWORD in the list and select "Run as Administrator"(右键Winword,选择以管理员身份运行)

    2) Go to the COM add-in manager(去COM-addin管理区)

    • In Word click the Office(在Word里选择Office按钮)
    • at the bottom, below the list of things to do, is a button "Word Options" -- click it(在底部有个Word选项)
    • Click Add-ins(选择addin)
    • At the bottom is a drop-down list labelled "Manage:". Select COM Add-ins and click GO.(在底部有个下拉菜单:管理选择COM addin)

    3) Un-check add-ins (in my case it was Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM Addin)(取消某个addin的选择 我是PDFmakerOffice COM add-in)

    4) Click OK(选择OK)


    2013年10月25日 1:59