Change time source in a domain computer RRS feed

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  • My computer joins to a domain(, and I log in the computer with a domain account.

    I need to set the NTP configurations on the computer for clock synchronization. So I do the following steps:

    In the Local Group Policy Editor console,expand Administrative Templates | System | Windows Time Service | Time Provider. I disable the Windows NTP Server and enable the Windows NTP Client, and in Configure Windows NTP Client, set it enabled, and modify the NtpServer field as,0x9(My NTP Server), modify the Type field as NTP.

    After I run the gpupdate command and restart the Windows Time Service successfully, I run the command "w32tm /query /peers", and find that the peer is not,0x9 but instead.

    And after I run this command "w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:"",0x9 /syncfromflags:MANUAL /reliable:yes /update" and restart the Windows Time Service, "w32tm /query /peers" shows the peer is still but not,0x9.

    How can I change the peer to,0x9?

    2011年1月18日 4:08