MBAM 2.5 SP1 Helpdesk portal error "Recovery key not found"


  • Hi Team,

    I'm able to recovery the 48 digit key using Advanced HelpDesk portal but if I logged into the helpdesk portal using helpdesk username and password getting an error Recovery key not found.

    Self-Service Portal is also working fine.

    2017年11月22日 13:51


  • "Users cannot retrieve BitLocker Recovery key using MBAM 2.0 Self Service Portal"

    Wow what a terrible response.  Not only did the person specify that he is using MBAM 2.5, he also said that he is using the Helpdesk Portal, not the self service portal. 

    I am having the exact same problem.  If I use an advanced helpdesk account, I recover the key without a problem.  If I use the regular helpdesk account, that requires me to put in a user name and domain, I get the Recovery Key Not Found error, no matter which of the system's users I enter. 

    The articles you link to are all about the key not being stored or synced, but if the advanced help desk portal returns the key, then it is being properly stored.  This is an issue with the regular help desk portal not working properly.  It has nothing to do with the storage of the key.  Does anyone have a solution for the actual problem? Thanks!

    2018年3月28日 19:28
  • Hi!

    I'm having the same issue, MBAM 2.5 Help Desk Portal, when I have to put in the domain and user I get Recovery Key Not Found but when I use an ADV Help Desk User (not entering domain or user) then it works fine. I know me saying "me too" isn't a solution, but I was curious if you found a solution?



    2018年5月7日 13:52
  • Good morning,

        I am having the same issue. We are using MBAM 2.5 SP1. When we try to get a recovery ID from the Helpdesk portal, we get the "Recovery key not found". We are using MBAM to manage and the devices are showing in the report. If we use the Self-help link, we can recover the key without issue. Is there a fix for this issue?

    2018年5月14日 13:47
  • Adding another data point:

    MBAM 2.5.1100.0

    Windows Server 2016 (IIS and SQL)

    SQL Server 2016

    I have "sa" rights to the MBAM databases and have been digging into possible issues. I really don't have an explanation, but I can say definitively that I am supplying the correct information in all fields. 

    If you also have "sa" rights, you can execute the following SQL to determine if the information you are supplying matches what's in the database. 

    SELECT k.ID, k.RecoveryKeyId, k.Disclosed, k.VolumeId, vu.UserId, u.Name, u.LastUpdateTime, d.DomainName, m.Name
      FROM mbam_recovery.RecoveryAndHardwareCore.Keys                 k
      INNER JOIN mbam_recovery.RecoveryAndHardwareCore.Volumes_Users vu on k.VolumeId = vu.VolumeId
      INNER Join mbam_recovery.RecoveryAndHardwareCore.Users          u on vu.UserId  = u.Id
      INNER Join mbam_recovery.RecoveryAndHardwareCore.Domains        d on u.DomainId = d.Id
      INNER JOIN mbam_recovery.RecoveryAndHardwareCore.Machines       m on m.DomainId = d.Id
      AND m.Name = '<COMPUTERNAME'

    I am stumped as to why, even when supplying the correct information in the User ID and User Domain fields, the MBAM server cannot return the recovery key.

    2018年6月7日 15:27