How do I clean up patch files in the WSUS upstream server? RRS feed

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  • Dear Microsoft Engineer,

    My side test environment in a WSUS upstream server, a WSUS downstream server, downstream server is autonomous state, when I approve a patch on the downstream server to download the need to synchronize with the upstream server, by the upstream server to Microsoft official website download and then synchronize to the downstream server, At this point, downstream server approved patches can be downloaded and installed.

    And when the downstream server download is complete after the patch needs to carry out operation and maintenance cleanup, I found that the upstream server transfer to the downstream server patch there is no way to clean up, as if only manually delete.

    For example, a patch A on a downstream server I use Administrator identity to operate on Patch A, and then use the Server Cleanup Wizard to select unwanted update files for cleanup, when Patch A on the downstream server is cleaned up; however, there is still a patch A in the upstream server that is transferred to the server. After I use the server synchronization operation and then use the Server Cleanup Wizard on the upstream server to clean up the patch A, the cleanup discovery cannot be cleaned up, and finally I can only manually delete patch A in the C:\wsus\WsusCont folder in the upstream server.

    May I ask if I can clean up patches on the upstream server without manually removing patches from the C:\wsus\WsusCont folder?


    2019年3月25日 7:52