Ajax Calendar hiding behind Modal Popup in Application page


  • i have made an application page (basically imported from my .net application) but it contains ajax calendars inside modal popups which are hiding behind the modal popup (was working fine in my .net application), behaviour most probably because i m using ajaxtoolkit 3.0 cuz the latest versions are not compatible. Anyone faced similar issues ...... pls help

    Arpan Mukherjee

    2012年6月28日 4:50


  • Hi,

    Please check the css of the ajax calendar and make sure that it has the z-index property set to a higher value then that of the modal dialog.

    I think modal dialog windows has z-index:1505; but you can check to make sure.



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    2012年6月28日 10:44
  • i did this to no avail <act:CalendarExtendar ........ style="z-index:50000" .......></act:CalendarExtendar>

    Arpan Mukherjee

    2012年6月28日 12:04