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  • I have seen a number of posts regarding this problem. I have tried CMDs erase, del, RD, File Shredder, cut and paste to a root folder, "file shredder" (that tries to install a number of junk programs), and "Long Path File Tool" that wants me to buy it to try. I can move the folders but never can delete the files. I get this more often on a USB drive than my hard drives.

    Seriously, Microsoft needs to come up with a tool to handle this. So far, the only fix is to format the USB drive.

    See the error message below.

    Error: Source path too long

    2015年4月10日 16:33



  • Hi Gregger,

    did you ever try this: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Delimon-Win32-Explorer-V40-bc957ab4  ?

    Please let me know if you were able to remove your file using it.


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    2015年4月10日 17:20
  • Here's another solution:

    Robocopy /MIR with an empty folder as a source:

    2015年8月3日 18:28
  • Hi,

    today chances are that Powershell with PSALphaFS comes up to be the best solution.

    Use can install it like that: 

    install-module psalphafs

    when done you have a cmdlet "remove-longitem", so you can easily run

    remove-longitem c:\your\path\whatever


    2017年5月6日 13:37
  • I would suggest to try "Long Path Tool" program.
    2017年8月23日 11:52
  • Wow Amazing! Try Long Path Tool!


    -did work fast

    -deleted thousands of my long path files

    -tested on different platforms, worked everywhere


    Amazing program


    Long Path Tool rocks! Recommended!

    2018年6月14日 13:37
  • Try  "LongPathTool program" that is best solution.
    2019年12月26日 6:03
  • Have you tried 'long path tool'?
    it's very helpful for me.
    2020年3月15日 4:39
  • I would suggest to use LongPathTool program. It resolves problem regarding source path too long.
    2020年4月11日 16:55
  • Try using LongPathTool. It always helps me to solve similar issues. Thank you.
    2020年5月9日 19:34
  • If you cannot delete a folder then it might be because of long path file or long filename. You can easily solve it by using LongPathTool. Thank you.
    2020年5月29日 19:15
  • I can recommend you the tool that I use, to resolve similar issues is LongPathTool.
    2020年7月19日 11:58
  • Hello Gregger404,

    The Windows NTFS file name, including the path, cannot exceed 255 characters. If you need to copy or move them, use robocopy. If you need to delete, shorten the name/path below the threshold and then you can delete.

    Miguel Fra
    Falcon IT Services


    2020年7月19日 17:25