I got some problem when modifying MS project mpp file by using C# interop program RRS feed

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  • I use C# MS Project interop to add new task into existing MPP file, I have set work="2h", duration="8h", start="2020/12/24", Finish="2020/12/28", but value and task.duration value is still 0 after executing the code line of assigning: work="2h"or duration="8h", while expected value is 2h(or 2*60=120) or 8h(or 8*60=480), do you know what's them problem? The same test has also been done by manually modifying mpp file instead of C# programming, all the values are right as expected.
    2021年1月4日 8:52


  • Hi,

    Welcome to Office 2016 forum, but please note the support language is Chinese. 

    Besides, Office 2016 forum fouces more on geneal questions of Office clients, according to your description, this issue maybe related to C# code, which is out of oure support scope.

    To better help you, please ask this question to the following forum, and it suppors English.

    Office developer community

    Thanks for your understanding.




    2021年1月5日 5:55