please make me a believer again


  • this past week has been like the navy seals hell week for my pc's. I have 2 pc's down cant acess backup and windows 10 is the cause of one of the machines going question though is this, can I have a hard drive that has another os system on it and use the sp1 to load it up even though the hard drive was not originally in this computer. please tell me its going to work because everything else ive been hearing from over there has made me lose faith in you all as even being human beings.
    2018年5月15日 0:30


  • When a OS is installed it copies files for all the hardware components...memory, video, sound, motherboard, etc. Moving the drive to other computers will not work because it won't recognize the new components.

    You can't keep the OS if you want to switch the drive, you will need to copy your user profile data off the drive and then format it.

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    2018年5月15日 2:17