Live migration between two clusters


  • Hello! I have two different hyper-v failover clusters. One on by Windows 2012 R2, one on by Windows 2016. We use VMM 1801 for migrate virtual machines between cluster. I run VSM migration and on several VM i get error:

    Error (12700)
    VMM cannot complete the host operation on the 'hyp20.domain.local' server because of the error:
    Unknown error (0x8010)

    Recommended Action
    Resolve the host issue and then try the operation again.

    2018年6月25日 10:15


  • If i not choose virtual switch - migrate start ok. Virtual Switch name on both clusters have same name

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    2018年6月25日 11:09
  • Hello,

    Does the two clusters have the same networking environment?

    What's the type of the virtual switch, logical or standard switch?

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    Andy Liu

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    2018年6月26日 8:51
  • 1) No, but both cluster available in the other network

    2) It's standard switch. In source cluster Teaming, in destination - Switch Embedded Team

    2018年6月26日 10:44