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  • Hi,

    I have an annoucements web part on our main homepage. When a user clicks on an annoucement, they see the full details.

    However, the ribbon is defaulting to the "view" option.

    I want them to default to "Browse" so that they can get back to the homepage easier. Is there a (dare I say it?) EASY way to do this? Thanks


    2012年2月20日 16:42



  • This is by design.  When you select an item, you tend to want the ribbon to show options for what the user can do with that item.  I see this as a training solution.  Users should know that when the select or open items, the ribbon contextually shows them the options that can be performed on that item.  They can use the Browse or Navigate Up options navigate back to a previous location.

    I don't think it would be cost beneficial to come up with a custom redirect.  It would be easier and less costly to inform users how SharePoint sites work.

    Chris Caravajal MCTS SharePoint911 Consulting & Support Services

    2012年2月20日 17:07
  • I doubt that is the easy option to be honest. The users here are not IT savvy whatsoever. Even if something today took 1 second longer to load up than yesterdya, they would give out about it. Likewise, if the navigation at the top of SharePoint does not remain consistent throughout, then they will also complain. When they go into a list etc, the navigation stays the same at the top of the screen. If they open an Item directly, that's not the case.

    Informing users is not so easy in this environment. They tend to ignore IT whenever possible. Guess they will just have to deal with it! Thanks

    2012年2月23日 14:23
  • That's very understandable.  I don't think your users are going to like the ribbon initially then, but hopefully they will come to appreciate its flexibility.  Have you recently rolled out your implementation?

    Chris Caravajal MCTS SharePoint911 Consulting & Support Services

    2012年2月24日 16:33
  • Yes, I only started rolling it out before Christmas. Official launch is happening in the next 2 weeks or so! EEEK
    2012年2月28日 9:51
  • The only good news is that no matter what, most users hate anything new, no matter how beneficial it is.  Hopefully after some time their view will change!

    Chris Caravajal MCTS SharePoint911 Consulting & Support Services

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