User Folders Under C: Drive


  • I have found a strange thing that on our network few computers the "User" Folder under C was shared with Everyone having full access rights.

    However this folder was manually never shared with anyone by user or the admin. Is this a bug in Windows 7?

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  • Hi,

    This is by design.

    Since share permissions do not override filesystem permissions. So, if the Users directory has share permissions of Everyone: Full, but the filesystem permissions are configured with more restrictive permissions such as Everyone: Read, Administrators: Full, Creator/Owner: Full, then the more restrictive permissions between the two are effective. So, in that scenario, the Everyone group/security principal is restricted to read only. Furthermore, if a subdirectory under Users has no permissions at all configured for the Everyone group/security principal then "Everyone" can see the subdirectory, but they can not open or read it.

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