WDS server properties: Access is denied


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    I have recently installed WDS on a Windows Server 2k3 machine (through SP2) but am having some trouble configuring the server properties. I get an "Access is denied" error message when I change something in the server properties. I used an account that is a member of Local Administrators on the server and Domain Users to install WDS and that worked just fine. Do you have to be a member of the Domain Admins to change server properties in WDS?

    2007年5月8日 7:08



  • Never mind, problem solved. Apparently you have to be Domain Admin. I had someone else log in for me with a Domain Admin account and I had no problem changing the properties now.
    2007年5月8日 12:24
  • I have found that being an account operator also allows you to configure WDS. In some of the documentation it states that you need to be a DA, account operator, or have otherwise been granted the appropriate rights. I have yet to find out what those specific granular rights would be.
    2007年5月8日 20:00
  • The user need to have write permissions on the WDS Server Computer Object and the child objects in AD in order to be able to change WDS Server settings.




    2007年5月10日 18:38
  • Try to stop WDS Services before you configure the Properties. 
    2013年2月14日 8:06
  • Tried that as well, but still didn't work. Will work on adding rights.
    2016年10月24日 14:34