integrating Open Street Maps with SharePoint 2010


  • Hi All,

    I like ditch google maps in our sharepoint site and want to use open street maps. Is there anyone please guide me how to embed that into our sharepoint 2010 site?


    Remember Past Challenge Future"

    2012年6月5日 15:27


  • There is nothing out of the box for wither solution. Is this a development question? Do you mean Bing Maps integration? I have done several implementations but am not clear on what you are trying to achieve.


    Matthew McDermott, MVP SharePoint

    2012年6月10日 20:09
  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for reply Usually we used to embed google maps in our sharepoint application. In the same way we know want to embed the map area using open street maps.So Please give idea how to embed open street maps with embed code into a sharepoint page

    Also we need to develop an application which requires maps integration. Please suggest that which maps will be good  bing or google?


    Remember Past Challenge Future"

    2012年6月11日 5:18
  • I don't know anything about Open Street maps, but reading the documentation it appears similar, for example you can use a URL to address a map:

    This is more of a developer question and likely more appropriate if you ask it of the Open Street Community.

    As for what is better Google or Bing, you will have to decide that for yourself. Each has it's strengths and weaknesses, and different licenseing.

    i suggest you look at how you are currently implementing Google (IFrame, REST, etc.) and see if Open Street will do the same. There is really nothing SharePoint specific about the question.


    Matthew McDermott, MVP SharePoint

    2012年6月11日 11:43
  • Bing Maps is definitely the best approach if you are using SharePoint. To get you started take a look at this site:

    2012年8月22日 19:02