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  • 按照internet疑问解答里德步骤ie8_main.log 文件中未找到“ArchiveFileForUninstall:ArchiveSingleFile

    00:00.766: ERROR:   Couldn't read value: 'LIPPackage' from [Version] section in update.inf
    00:12.735: WARNING: WindowsUpdate>>EXCPT: Exceptions encountered while searching for updates
    00:12.766: WARNING: WindowsUpdate>>EXCPT: Exception #0:
    00:12.782: WARNING: WindowsUpdate>>EXCPT:     Context: [3] Related to the Windows Installer.
    00:12.797: WARNING: WindowsUpdate>>EXCPT:     HRESULT: 0x80241003
    00:12.813: WARNING: WindowsUpdate>>EXCPT:     Message: 组策略不允许 MSP 更新。
    14:28.297: ERROR:   Setup exit code: 0x00000011 (The user cancelled the installation)
    00:00.485: INFO:    Acquired Package Installer Mutex
    00:00.547: INFO:    Operating System: Windows Workstation: 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3)
    00:00.672: ERROR:   Couldn't read value: 'LIPPackage' from [Version] section in update.inf
    02:50.922: INFO:    Acquired Package Installer Mutex
    02:50.938: ERROR:   |Inst. IE         >>> Internet Explorer installation completed with errors, exitresult=0x00000000, exitcode=0x00000005
    02:53.172: INFO:    |Finalize         >>> CPageProgress::_ChangeState: Original Phase: 13
    03:20.188: WARNING: Message to User: It is strongly recommended that you choose "Restart Now" to allow Setup to finish. Some applications may not function correctly until your system is restarted. Are you sure you want to restart later?


    2010年11月5日 19:35


  • 从日志看 IE 8 已经完成部分更新,但最后在升级版本信息时遇到了组策略限制的干扰。请尝试在安全模式或通过 MSCONFIG.EXE 禁用所有启动加载项时运行安装。
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    按照internet疑问解答里德步骤ie8_main.log 文件中未找到“ArchiveFileForUninstall:ArchiveSingleFile
    00:00.766: ERROR: Couldn't read value: 'LIPPackage' from [Version] section in update.inf
    2010年11月6日 8:12