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  • Dear all,

    as we know, before Windows Server 2008 , Windows backup tool is very good and easy to use.

    but since Windows Server 2008, the Windows Server backup tool's function is very simple, we cannot select full backup, difference backup or incremental backup method. and we cannot only backup the system state data in GUI in WinSvr 08, and we cannot define the backup shedule such as use full backup every week and diffence backup everyday.

    in short, I don't think the windows server backup tool is useful to backup the Active Directory. and I don't think use System Center Data Protection Manager is a good solution, because it's too big and expansive if use SCDPM for AD only.

    So, dear guy, would you please tell me how do you backup your AD is actural practice.

    BTW, one of my customer use Windows Server 2008 SP2 (not R2) as their DC , they don't want upgrade them now. and they want me give them guide about the DC backup and restore . would you please give me some advice and suggestion.

    Thank you

    Frank@Hiweb 冯立超@瀚博资讯

    2013年5月28日 4:50


  • Hello Frank,

    I use Windows 2008 R2 and the backup tool worked great for years, perhaps you can verify you are doing a full backup. It seems more like a comment, not a question, but again I've been using this tool for years and never had a problem, I even test my backups, if you need specific help let me know but these assumptions are not correct.

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    2013年5月28日 16:50
  • Thank you Richard,

    I have the following doubts about AD backup:

    1. How to decide the backup schedule, do you backup it every day use windows server backup tool ?  or use schedule task in control panel ? or you backup it manualy when you think it necessary?
    2. Do you backup all the system or just the system state data, as we know, Windows server 2008 sp2 (not R2) cannot select system state date in GUI.
    3. as we know, every backup job will produce several GB data. how do you store them, such as how to store them or delete them automactily. because  the backup data will rapid growth to fill all the disk space soon.

    looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you and best regards.


    Frank@Hiweb 冯立超@瀚博资讯

    2013年5月30日 1:43
  • Hi Frank,

    1. Generally users will set backup schedule. For important files it will be a daily backup and for common files it may be a monthly or weekly backup.

    2. As you said, system state is not an option in GUI. But it is available with wbadmin.exe.

    3. You can run incremental backup to reduce the space cost. Also Windows Server Backup will delete the oldest backup when out of free space. Also there is no option for incremental bacause by default it will run incremental backup. Also you can change the Configure Performance option in Windows Server Backup GUI to change between Full and Incremental backup.

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    2013年5月30日 9:22
  • Thank you very much Shaon.

    I will plan my backup strategy. 

    I want to know,if Somebody use Windows Server 2008 SP2 (Not R2) as your DC, and what's your backup strategy.
    Thank you.

    Frank@Hiweb 冯立超@瀚博资讯

    2013年5月30日 14:09
  • Hi Shaon,

    would you please give me more detail suggestion, such as your backup strategry in you practce.

    thank you!

    Frank@Hiweb 冯立超@瀚博资讯

    2013年5月31日 12:40
  • Hello Richard,

    Would you please guide me what's your backup method, or your backup schedule?

    thank you very much.

    Frank@Hiweb 冯立超@瀚博资讯

    2013年6月3日 3:57
  • Sorry I cannot provide an example, but here is an article which provided detailed explanation and an example about daily backup schedule:


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    2013年6月5日 6:42
  • I wrote some white papers about Active Directory Backup and Disaster Recovery: http://www.edeconsulting.be/activedirectorypublications.asp


    Peter Van Keymeulen, IT Infrastructure Solution Architect, www.edeconsulting.be

    2013年6月5日 10:57