where is the forum for ?


  • hey guys I need your help in Final year project.
    As I am a electronics student. I am deciding to design a industrial automation system which is control through the mobile WiFi/Bluetooth.Watch the following link my FYP is something like that.

    my question is that how to communicate the windows phone and PC using WiFi?
    and i need all the data from phone on visual studio 2010 because PLC is controlled from VS. how this is possible ?

    I need your input guys
    2012年6月20日 5:23


  • Hi,

    This is not the right forum for that.


    I find it distasteful to beg for 'Mark as Answer' and 'Mark as helpful'. It's supposed to be about helping people, not about getting the high score.

    2012年6月28日 7:16