How can I change the activity sequence in Visual Studio 2010 when writing custom activities?


  • I apologise if this is not the correct forum. I am no FIM  or VS 2010 expert. Maybe its a question for VS gurus.

    I am trying to enhance a Powershell Script driving custom activity based on the "Create a Logging Custom Activity Walkthrough" in TechNet.

    I have only a CurrentRequest activity and a Code activity.

    I now want my activity GUI to pass parameters to the PS script as meta-data ( e.g. mail=[//Target/Email] user=[//Target/AccountName] ) and to get my custom activity to resolve the meta-data into data strings, so I need to be to read the 'Target' Resource object.

    Dragging new activities from Toolbox into the [Design] page seems to just append them no matter what I do. I want to break the links and resequence.

    How do I INSERT a new Code activity and a ReadResourceActivity between my 2 present activities?

    What's the trick in VS 2010?

    2012年6月6日 8:14