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  • A short time white screen when accessing sharepoint web pages

    I had a problem, when i click the links to access pages, there will be a short time white screen shows in the browser before the page content shows

    Like the following Web site, click The left navigation bar you will see it in IE8 or IE9

    Usually after we click the link to the new page, the original content still in the page, the new page will displayed after loading is complete , but not to show a white screen for us before new page is displayed



    实际上我在局域网开发时遇到这种情况,我不认为是网速的原因。 我只是举了个例子:中石化的网站同样是sharepoint的,和我的站点有同样的效果。


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  • Hi wtotal,


    The problem may be cuased by the network. if the speed of network is very slowly, for example you were trying the access the site by VPN remotely.

    Note: This is Chinese forum, please create Chinese thread here, thanks.

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