Event 440, Kernal PnP


  • I have found this on my computer. Event 440, Kernal PnP.  I cannot print, I send to print and the page comes up, but will not print and sends it back to the pc. I have run trouble shooter and checked my defrag, and run my scan, nothing comes up as a problem.  How do I fix my computer so I can Print?  I run Windows 10, on a HP computer.
    2018年5月24日 3:28


  • Hi, 

    How did your connect the printer, via network or USB? Please fix the latest printer driver on manufacturer's website for Windows 10, try to reinstall the driver to check this issue. 

    Then, let's open the services.msc and restart the Spoolder service to see if your issue can be fixed. 

    For further troubleshooting, help to collect following event logs and upload them onto Network drive, share with us. 




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    2018年5月25日 8:51