How can I enable guest services during vm deployment using scvmm 2012 R2 powershell?


  • Hi All,
    Is there any way to enable guest services under Integration Services during VM deployment using powershell from scvmm 2012R2 ?

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    2016年6月10日 11:05



  • You would make it part of your VM template.

    That is where settings like this are exposed in SCVMM, the hardware profile.

    Brian Ehlert
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    2016年6月10日 14:29
  • Hi Sir,

    It seems that , you may need to remotely change this setting from VMM server .

    Please try to use "invoke-command"/"enter-pssession" to connect to hyper-v server .


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    2016年6月13日 2:39
  • Hi dear,

    I do not found command for this in SCVMM, but you can try this commands step in the powershell!

    1 - execute pshell with a administrator

    2 - in the host hyper you can list all vms where guest service is disable: 

    Get-VMIntegrationService -VMName '*' | ? { $_.Name -like 'Guest Service Interface'} | ? { $_.Enabled -like 'false'} |select vmname

    3 - You can verify in the result list the vms where guest services is disable, check this list if you should enable all.

    4 - execute this next command to enable where guest services in the all vms where is disable:

    Enable-VMIntegrationService -VMName '*' -Name "Guest Service Interface" | ? { $_.Name -like 'Guest Service Interface'} | ? { $_.Enabled -like 'false'}

    Good luck! ;)

    2018年7月10日 18:18