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    You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that contains two servers named EX1 and
    EX2. EX1 and EX2 are members of a database availability group (DAG) named DAG1.
    Your organization contains several managed availability overrides.
    Both EX1 and EX2 have a copy of a mailbox database named MBX1. MBX1 is active on EXl.
    You discover that MBX1 on EX2 has a status of ServiceDown.
    You need to restore the status of MBX1 on EX2 to healthy as quickly as possible.

    What should you do?
    A. Start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service.
    B. RunStart-Service MSExchangeIS.
    C. RunStart-Service MSExchangeRepl.
    D. Start the Microsoft Exchange Mail Replication Service.

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  • 您好,


    对于DAG数据库副本显示ServiceDown状态,根据我的了解,我们应重启MSExchange Replication service,即MSExchangeRepl服务,因此我认为选项C正确。



    Gavin Gao

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