WSP Deployment Status Deploying scheduled


  • Hi,

    i have deployed web part using powershell . In Central Administration->Operations->Manage solutions the status

    Name: mywebpart_solution.wsp 
    Type: Core Solution 
    Contains Web Application Resource: No 
    Contains Global Assembly: Yes 
    Contains Code Access Security Policy: No 
    Deployment Server Type: Front-end Web server 
    Deployment Status: Deploying (scheduled at 6/11/2012 10:52 AM ) 

    Please tell how to fix it and properly deployed it.



    2012年6月22日 12:03



  • Looks like something went wrong during deployment. Try removing the solution and re-deploying it, but this time keep track of the logs to see if there are any errors.

    Manaz Mohideen - MCPD, MCITP, MCTS

    2012年6月22日 13:22
  • Make sure that Timer Service and SharePoint Web Services Root application pool is up and running on all servers.



    2012年6月23日 18:13
  • Hi,

    I follow following steps to resolve issue.

    1) Run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs  on  CA server. 
    2) Run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on all the farm members that have stsadm. 
    3)Restart the Timer Service on all farm members.



    2012年6月25日 5:16
  • Step No. Action Status
    1 updatesolution success - but in CA showing deployment scheduled
    2 enumdeployments showing - one deployment
    3 canceldeployment success
    4 retractsolution success
    5 updatesolution success - but in CA showing deployment scheduled
    6 Repeated steps 2, 3 & 4 success
    7 delete solution success
    8 execadmsvcjobs running
    9 Uninstall-SPsolution could not find XYZ.wsp
    10 Remove-SPSolution could not find XYZ.wsp
    11 uninstallfeature could not find the XYZ1
    12 changed the directory to C:\ for uninstalling feature success
    13 renamed the feature folder XYZ1_old
    14 renamed the GAC folder XYZ_old
    15 reset the iis NA
    16 stopped the iis NA
    17 add solution success
    18 deploysolution success - but in CA showing deployment scheduled
    19 new feature folder created XYZ1
    20 new GAC folder created XYZ
    21 enumdeployments showing - one deployment

    Try the above steps chronologically. It should definitely work

    2013年9月27日 13:55