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  • Warning (13210)
    Timeout occurred while waiting for VM integration services to be installed on virtual machine win2008 residing on host 

    Recommended Action
    Ensure that the version of the VM integration services binaries matches the version of the guest operating system in the virtual machine and then try the operation again.

    2011年12月3日 7:04


  • It sounds like you are getting to the sep in the process where you have a virtual machine of the server that you are attempting to convert, and the process is attempting to install the integration services...and...following the step to install the Integration Services into the VM the process is taking too long and timing out (the Integration Services are not calling home properly).

     If you truely have a VM of your physical server, you may need to go to the Hyper-V manager console, boot the VM, pay attention to any errors, and manually install the Integration Services (using the Hyper-V manager console application).

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    2011年12月9日 8:52