Issue with Corrupt Contact Group


  • I have already asked in the Outlook 2016 forum but it was recommended I check here as well.

    I have encountered a very strange issue with a user involving a very large contact group that they have created. The group appears to be corrupted as it cannot be opened from the contact directory stored within the Exchange mailbox (Exchange 2010). I tried to export the contacts and then repair the pst file and connect the data file. When I do this I am able to open the contact group from the pst file and it is usable. If I attempt to delete the contact group from the exchange mailbox I typically get an error but it does appear to be removed. Then if I try to drag the contact group from the pst file (or import) back to the exchange mailbox the exact same behavior occurs which prevents the contact group from working.

    I also tried using The MAPI tool to go in and remove the list and then put it back and I still had the same behavior. Which leads me to several questions:

    1. Is there a realistic or identifiable limit for contact groups in outlook 2016 (32 bit)? I have looked and found no documentation which explicitly defines this.

    2. How can I repair or replace the contact group in the mailbox?

    3. Aside from patching the client are there any other things I should be looking for that will prevent this from occurring in the future.

    Question 1 was somewhat answered but any additional info as it relates to the exchange mailbox is appreciated.

    2018年5月18日 15:41


  • Have you tried deleting it with OWA?

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    2018年5月18日 19:08