Failure to install updates: KB 4088875, KB 4093118, KB 4103718, KB 42884826 (Security monthly quality rollups)


  • I write here because I was directed here form Microsoft Community Forum. I would be very grateful for any help to solve a below described problem.

    Problem description: After successful installation of above updates computers need to reboot, after rebooting system can only start in safe mode, otherwise it reboots endlessly. After starting system in a safe mode updates are automatically reverted and then system starts normally. Updates need to be hidden. All other updates are successful.

    Configuration: The problem occurs on three identical dell vostro 230 desktops (all connected to a domain). All other domain computers are unaffected. Specifications of affected computers: Windows 7 PRO 32 bit, Core2 Duo processors.

    What have been done:

    • all steps from an article “Fix Windows Update issues” except of resetting and reinstalling Windows (no effect)
    • uninstalling Eset Endpoint Antivirus (no effect)
    • doing a clean boot  (no effect)
    • using command sfc /scannow (no errors found)
    • trying to install updates from another domain account (no effect)
    • updating drivers using dell update application (all drivers have been already up to date)

    Maybe it is relevant (or maybe not), but while checking system log I have found an error event no 7026 (after each update try): failure to load following startup drivers:  AFD, CSC, DfsC, discache, ehdrv, NetBIOS, NetBT, nsiproxy, Psched, rdbss, spldr, tdx, Wanarpv6, WfpLwf. I see also many other errors that some system services such as DHCP Client and DNS Client failed to load (error ID’s 7001).

    I will be grateful for any help.



    2018年6月22日 10:33


  • Hi,

    It is suggested that you can uninstall these updates and perform a normal boot, seeing if these event log will generate kb. 

    Have you tried to install the kb using a local account?

    Since kb4088875 is replaced by kb 4093118, kb 4093118 is repalced by kb 4103718, kb 4103718 is repalced by kb 4284826, you just need to download kb 4284826. You can manually download it from here

    If still fail to boot, taking the following steps:

    1. Boot into safe mode and delete the folder “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution”,”C:\Windows\System32\catroot2”

    2.Check whether HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS existed. If it is existed, backup and delete it manually.

    3.Check whether pending.xml existed in C:\Windows\WinSXS. Backup and delete.

    4.Check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ComponentBased Servicing, press Ctrl+F, search for the KB number we have installed manually.

    If we have found any related registry keys, backup and delete them.

    If the issue persists, please help to collect the following log to analyze the issue deeply.

    For further research, we need you to help us collect more log files.

    Event Viewer\Windows Logs\Application, System, Setup

    clear the cbs folder before isntall update and upload the whole cbs.log (C:\Windows\Logs\CBS) folder after rebooting.


    You can upload these logs to a network drive and share the link here.

    For the event error, here are the solution that you can try

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    2018年6月25日 3:06
  • Thank you for your answer. Yesterday we did a full system reinstallation on these three desktops and it solved the issue (we installed 64bit version of the system instead of 32bit version). KB 4284826 is now listed in the update history as successfully installed. 

    Kind Regards,


    2018年6月25日 9:33
  • Having the same problem on two different dell Vostro 230 running Windows 7 pro 32-bit in French on a domain with WSUS.  April, May and June updates concerned kb4093108 kb4284867 kb410312

    After I noticed failures in WSUS I have been trying using local admin account as well.

    Have had this problem before with these machines and I ended up just blocking the update after researching it.

    I don't want to reinstall as the two effected machines have a lot of software that run machines (connected by serial port) and that would lead to down production time as I need vendor assist and vendor won't work nights or weekends...

    Updates install but then are undone after restart and then presented with safe mode choice after reboot following the canceling of the updates.

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