vmm2012r2 vlan not showin


  • Hello.

    In our production vmm2012r2 I created logical switch, logical network, and network site with right vlan id.

    I also created VM network and linked this to right logical network

    When I choose this VM network on the VM the VLAN is grayed out. It doesent show the right vlan. If i tries to deploy this i ended upp with error (26857), The Vlan ID (0) is not valid because the VM network (sandbox1) does not not include the VLAN ID in a network site accesible by the host.

    I installed latest rollup but same issue.

    I also tried this with vmm 2016 in a test enviroment. There it choose right vlan and no error occured.

    What could be the issue?


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  • Hello,

    According to the KB article below, this issue has already been fixed in SCVMM Update Rollup 8.

    If you have installed the most recent UR, please refresh the Hyper-V Host/Cluster, and then open the Properties for the VM, and choose Hardware Configurations -> Network Adapters, choose 'Enable VLAN' and choose the right VLAN ID.

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    Andy Liu

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    2018年2月22日 5:47
  • Yes I did what you say but the vlan is still grayed out, even if I have configured the vlan right..

    Maybe I should migrate the production enviroment to vmm2016 and see if the issue persist..

    2018年2月22日 9:25
  • Another question, what is the impact on hyper-v host if I start with an empty database to maybe resolve the issue?

    Maybe the issue is some settings that I can´t find?

    I have no problems recreating all the switches and VM networks.. Will the old VM networks be on the host until I changes them via new VMM database?

    Thankyou in advance..

    2018年2月23日 6:39
  • I have migrated to vmm 1801 and I have no issues anymore with vlans

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